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§ 4-103. Requirements and time limits.

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   (A) Each clerk of the district court shall maintain records of payments for each child support order entered by the court in any pending case. Such records shall be created within 2 business days after the filing of the order in the clerk's office. The records shall show payments due, payments made, and the current arrearage. The records shall be updated within 1 business day after the day the payment is due and the day a payment is received. Interest may be calculated either each month or only when requested by the court or a party.

   (B) The clerk of the district court shall issue summons within 1 business day after receiving a request for summons. Summons shall be delivered immediately for service unless the court has been requested to issue an ex parte order which may be served with the summons. The clerk shall deliver summons for service no later than 3 business days after issuance.

   (C) The clerk of the district court shall determine whether a copy of the order has been furnished to the parties or their attorneys. If the clerk determines no copies have been furnished, the clerk shall mail copies to their last known mailing address by first class mail.

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