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§ 4-106. Duties of referees.

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   The referee shall, in all judicial districts in this state, hear matters pertaining to (1) the establishment, modification, enforcement, and collection of child or spousal support and (2) paternity. The referee shall have the power to administer all necessary oaths, supervise pretrial preparation pursuant to the rules of discovery, grant continuances and adjournments, recommend the appointment of counsel for indigent parties, and carry out any other duties permitted by law as directed by the district court. The functions performed by the referee under expedited processes shall at a minimum include (1) taking testimony and establishing a record, (2) evaluating evidence and making recommendations to establish and enforce orders, (3) accepting voluntary acknowledgment of support liability and stipulated agreements setting the amount of support and accepting voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, and (4) recommending default orders if absent parents fail to respond within the time specified by law. Priority shall be given to those judicial districts which have not been granted an exemption from the federal requirement to implement expedited processes.

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