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§ 5-117. Review procedure in Supreme Court.

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   (A) Petition: Within twenty (20) days of the filing of the recommendation in the Supreme Court under § 5-116, the respondent may file with the Clerk of the Supreme Court a petition asking the Supreme Court to modify or reject the recommendation of the commission. The respondent shall file with the petition a certified copy of the recommendation or recommendations about which complaint is made. The petition shall be verified in seven (7) copies, shall be based on the record, shall specify the grounds relied on, and shall be accompanied by respondent's brief in seven (7) copies and proof of service of a copy of the petition and of the brief on the chairman of the commission. Within twenty (20) days after service on the commission, the commission shall serve and file a relator's brief. Within fifteen (15) days after service of such brief, the respondent may file a reply brief of which a copy shall be served on the chairman of the commission.

   (B) Failure to file petition: Failure to file a petition within the time provided, may be deemed a consent to a determination on the merits based upon the record filed by the commissi

   (C) Applicable rules: The Rules of the Supreme Court of Nebraska shall apply to the proceedings in the Supreme Court for review of a recommendation of the commission, except where express provision is made to the contrary or where the application of a particular rule would be clearly impracticable, inappropriate, or inconsistent.

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