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§ 5-122. Claims of discrimination.

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   When any matter is filed with the commission, any member of the commission, or the secretary of the commission in which an allegation is made that a judge has committed an act in violation of the Supreme Court's Workplace Harassment Policy, that allegation shall be brought to the attention of the commission chairperson or the commission secretary within two (2) working days. The commission chairperson or the commission secretary shall:

   (A) Begin, or cause to begin, an investigation of the allegation(s) no later than ten (10) working days after the receipt of the complaint;

   (B) Send notice of the allegation(s) along with a warning against retaliation to the judge against whom the allegation(s) have been made no later than ten (10) working days after receipt of the complaint;

   (C) Notify the rest of the commission members of the allegation(s) within ten (10) working days; and

   (D) The commission, investigators, and commission staff shall in all ways expedite processing of allegation(s) made concerning workplace harassment, and the cause shall be advanced for consideration and disposition as speedily as possible.

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