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§ 5-303.5. Use of nonpublic information.

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   A judge shall not intentionally disclose or use nonpublic information* acquired in a judicial capacity for any purpose unrelated to the judge’s judicial duties.



   [1] In the course of performing judicial duties, a judge may acquire information of commercial or other value that is unavailable to the public. The judge must not reveal or use such information for personal gain or for any purpose unrelated to his or her judicial duties.


   [2] This rule is not intended, however, to affect a judge’s ability to act on information as necessary to protect the health or safety of the judge or a member of a judge’s family, court personnel, or other judicial officers if consistent with other provisions of this Code.


   [3] This rule does not prohibit the judge from acting on or disclosing nonpublic information to prevent reasonably certain death or substantial bodily harm, if consistent with other provisions of the Code.


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