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§ 6-205. In camera proceeding; record required.

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   The court may receive preliminary evidence concerning the matters noted in § 6-204 in camera, in the presence of counsel for the parties and such other members of the public who have requested the right to be present.

   Persons desiring to be present not represented by counsel shall be considered as appearing Pro Se and shall be bound by the orders of the court in regard to such hearing.

   A record shall be made of the hearing in camera. The trial court may order such proceedings sealed until after a final judgment or verdict in the trial court has been rendered. The fact that the case in chief is pending on appeal before the Supreme Court of Nebraska shall not prevent the previously sealed tape from being made available to the public upon request. The sealed record, however, shall be made available for purposes of review by the Supreme Court or other court of competent jurisdiction pertaining to the decision to close the proceedings, in whole or in part.

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