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§ 6-409. Signature requirements.

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   Use of E-Filing by an attorney shall constitute compliance with the Neb. Ct. R. Pldg. § 6‑1111 signature requirement and the attorney using E-Filing shall be subject to all other requirements of Neb. Ct. R. Pldg. § 6-1111 and Neb. Rev. Stat. § 25-824 et seq. Signatures of parties, witnesses, and notaries and notary stamps may be typed using the signature format “/s/ [typed name]” and using the stamp format “seal, notary public, State of [state name],” and commission expiration date to satisfy signature and certification requirements on E-Filed documents. If the notarial commission of the particular notary public whose seal is being depicted is limited by county, the filing party shall use the stamp format "seal, notary public, State of [state name], County of [county name]." Other seals or stamps, such as those of courts, public bodies, agencies, or officials, or corporations, may be typed using the stamp format "seal, [alphanumeric content of seal]." Signatures of parties, witnesses, and notaries, and notary stamps or other seals, shall not be typed or otherwise depicted on E-Filed Documents unless the filing party has possession of the original document or documents bearing such signatures and stamps.

§ 6-410 renumbered to § 6-409 on August 12, 2008; § 6-409 amended December 22, 2010, effective May 1, 2011; § 6-409 amended June 8, 2016.

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