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§ 6-414. Transmission technical problems; corrective order.

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   Upon satisfactory proof that E-Filing or E-Service of a Document is not completed because of (1) an error in the transmission of the Document which was unknown to the sending party or (2) a failure to process the electronic filing when received by the court clerk, the court may enter an order permitting the Document to be filed as of the date it was first attempted to be sent electronically. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no order may be entered under this rule which expands the statutory time period for commencing an action or perfecting an appeal unless there is an affirmative showing that the failure to make a timely filing was due solely to an internal transmission error or a processing error by the court clerk.

§ 6-416 renumbered to § 6-415 on July 23, 2008; § 6-415 renumbered to § 6-414 and amended on August 12, 2008; § 6-414 amended December 22, 2010, effective May 1, 2011; § 6-414 amended June 8, 2016.

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