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§ 6-610. Risk assumed by sender.

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   The sender bears all risk in a fax transmission. Electronic transmission of a document by means of a fax machine does not constitute filing; filing is complete only after the receiving clerk's acceptance for filing in compliance with applicable statutes and these rules. If a receiving clerk determines that there has been an error in transmission, such as failure to complete the cover sheet for a transmission or an interruption in the sequence of pages transmitted, the clerk shall, as soon as practical, fax to the sender notice specifying the error preventing acceptability for filing. Any fax transmission containing an error that prevents filing may be disregarded by a clerk, but shall be retained for 10 days and thereafter disposed of unless within 10 days of the fax transmission the sender shall have requested judicial review of the rejection for filing. If a clerk rejects a filing in a pending proceeding, the clerk's rejection shall be noted on the docket of the court in which the proceeding is pending. A clerk is not required to acknowledge that a fax transmission has been received or accepted for filing. A clerk receiving a transmission has no duty to serve on a party a copy of the faxed transmission.

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