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§ 6-1003. Confidential parts of juror qualification form.

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   The CONFIDENTIAL JUROR INFORMATION section of the Nebraska Juror Qualification Form, Part VII, shall be detachable and shall be removed by the clerks of the district and county courts or jury commissioners and stored in a confidential manner by such clerk or commissioner until the end of the jury term. No one shall be permitted access to these detached sections except as set forth in this rule. The clerk or commissioner shall deliver the detached confidential information to an approved research agent of the Nebraska Supreme Court. The Nebraska Minority and Justice Implementation Committee (NMJIC) and the Nebraska Racial Justice Initiative (NRJI) have been approved by the Nebraska Supreme Court as such research agents. The confidential juror information may also be maintained, stored, and transmitted to the approved research agent by electronic means by any court which possesses such capabilities.

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