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§ 6-1209. Case management and evaluation requirements.

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   (A) Drug courts shall collect and record the data necessary to permit the Administrative Office of the Courts to facilitate outcome and process evaluations. At a minimum, the data to be collected and recorded shall include:

   (1) Information regarding participant census, including numbers of:

   (a) active participants

   (b) total participants served since program’s inception

   (c) graduates

   (d) participants terminated

   (2) Participant demographics including, but not limited to:

   (a) age

   (b) race

   (c) ethnicity

   (d) gender

   (3) Participant program compliance, including, but not limited to:

   (a) attendance in treatment

   (b) drug testing

   (c) phase movement

   (d) attendance in other services

   (B) Drug courts shall utilize the statewide case management system as approved by the Administrative Office of the Courts to record its data when such statewide case management system becomes available. Until then, such courts shall, in a timely manner, provide data to the Administrative Office of the Courts as requested.

   (C) Drug courts shall participate fully in any process or outcome evaluation facilitated by the Administrative Office of the Courts.

   (D) Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information regarding participants is prohibited.

   (E) The Court shall reserve the right to allow exemptions to any of the requirements set forth in § 6‑1209(A) through (D). Any request for an exemption shall be made to the Court in writing. Exemptions shall also be terminated at the discretion of the Court.

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