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§ 6-1445.01. Waivers of rules in guardianships and conservatorships; procedure.

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   (A) In a guardianship or a conservatorship proceeding, where a waiver for good cause shown is requested, the following procedures shall apply:

   (1) A request for waiver shall be made upon application and may be considered by the court after a hearing upon notice to all interested parties.

   (2) Notice of any hearing shall be given by the applicant as required by the Nebraska Probate Code.

   (3) Proof of sending the application and notice of hearing to all interested parties shall be filed with the court by the applicant.

   (4) The hearing upon the application may be waived if the waiver requested is approved in writing by all interested parties. The court may then enter the order without further notice and without further hearing.

   (5) The court may enter an order specifying what rule requirements have been waived. Upon request by any interested party, the court shall set forth its findings in the order.

§ 6-1445.01 adopted May 23, 2013, effective September 1, 2013.

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