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§ 2-203. Court-appointed counsel in criminal cases.

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   (A) [Reserved.]

   (B) Motion to Withdraw. The motion to withdraw referenced in § 2-103(B) may be E-Filed. Where E-Filing is used to file a motion to withdraw, service shall be made and proved through E-Service. The requirement of § 2-103(B) for service upon the defendant by certified mail to the defendant’s last-known address is not changed by this rule, except that proof of such service shall be made through E-Service. The proof of service automatically generated in E-Service replaces the proof of service required by § 2-103(B). The requirement of § 2-103(B) for filing a copy shall not apply to a motion to withdraw filed and served through E-Filing and E-Service. 

§ 2-203(B) amended October 19, 2016.

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