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§ 2-222. Rejection of E-Filed document or record.

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   If an appellate court rejects a document submitted through E-Filing or transmitted through System-To-System Transfer due to noncompliance with an applicable rule of the Nebraska Court Rules of Appellate Practice, the Clerk of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals shall serve the user or, if the rejection involves a System-To-System Transfer, the clerk of the trial court and the other parties, where applicable, with notice of the reasons for the rejection. The user or the clerk of the trial court shall have 14 days from service of notice of the rejection to file and serve, where applicable, a corrected document, unless a different time for the filing and service of a corrected document is ordered by the appellate court. This rule shall not, however, extend the mandatory or statutory time for the filing of such document. 

§ 2-222 amended October 19, 2016.

This page was last modified on Monday, October 24, 2016