§ 1-212. Employment of substitute reporter; alternative substitute.

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§ 1-212. Employment of substitute reporter; alternative substitute.

   (A) In the event of illness or disability of an official court reporter, and where it would appear to not be practical or feasible to reassign another official court reporter on a temporary basis, the judge of the ill or disabled reporter, with the approval of the State Court Administrator, may designate a reporter having passed an examination at least as stringent as that described in § 1-204(B) to act as a substitute reporter, at state expense.

   (B) The preparation of any bill of exceptions or transcript by any such substitute reporter shall be subject to the same rules and regulations as those governing permanently employed official reporters.

   (C) Payment to such temporarily employed substitute reporter shall be on a per diem basis, and payment will be made only for the actual days such substitute reporter was required by the judge to be in attendance upon the court. Per diem payment may not be in excess of that figure which the ill or disabled reporter's gross monthly salary amounts to if computed on a per diem basis.

   (D) No substitute reporter shall be entitled to sick leave or any other benefits ordinarily available to the official court reporter for whom he or she is substituting.

   (E) Actual and necessary expenses, including mileage reimbursement, shall be paid to such substitute reporter under the same terms and conditions as those payments are then being made to the official court reporter for whom he or she is substituting.

   (F) Any additional reimbursements to a substitute reporter may only be made with the prior approval of the State Court Administrator.

   (G) As an alternative to the provisions of § 1-212(A) through (F), the appointing judge of an official court reporter may also, on a temporary basis, either request from the Administrative Office of the Courts or designate other court personnel, as defined by § 1-204(A)(4), to operate digital recording equipment in his or her courtroom for the purpose of making the record of proceedings.

§ 1-212 amended June 9, 2010; § 1-212(A) amended June 12, 2019.