Tilson v. Tilson

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Tilson v. Tilson

Case Number
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January 10, 2018
Case Time
9:00 AM
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Case Summary

S-17-0468, Jayson H. Tilson (Appellant) v. Erica M. Tilson v. Kimberly L. Hill

District Court for Lancaster County, Hon. Robert R. Otte

Attorneys:  Matt Catlett (representing Jayson H. Tilson);

David P. Kyker (representing Kimberly L. Hill)

Civil:  Divorce, Child Custody

Proceedings below:       The district court entered a decree of dissolution of the marriage of Jayson H. and Erica M. Tilson. In the decree of dissolution, the district court, inter alia, awarded custody of the couple’s minor children to their maternal grandmother, Kimberly L. Hill. The district court overruled Jayson’s subsequent motion seeking a declaration that the decree of dissolution was void because he had filed a motion to dismiss the dissolution action before the court entered the decree.

Issues: Whether decree of dissolution was void because the action was dismissed by operation of law when Jayson filed a motion to dismiss the action prior to the court’s entry of the decree.



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