Weitz Company, LLC v. Hands, Inc.

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Weitz Company, LLC v. Hands, Inc.

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April 27, 2016
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Case Summary

S-15-0581 The Weitz Company, LLC v. Hands, Inc. d/b/a H&S Plumbing and Heating (Appellant)

Douglas County, Judge Joseph S. Troia

Attorney: Brian S. Kruse (Rembolt Ludtke LLP) ' Gregory C. Scaglione, Kristin M.V. Krueger & Patrice D. Ott (Koley Jessen PC, LLO)

Civil: Breach of contract and promissory estoppel

Proceedings Below: The district court denied the claim for breach of contract, finding that the appellant's quotation was revoked before accepted, but granted judgment in favor of The Weitz Company, LLC (Weitz) on its claim for promissory estoppel.

Issues: Appellant alleges the court erred in (1) finding that every element of promissory estoppel was present, (2) failing to consider that Weitz 'bid shopped' its bid as precluding any reliance on appellant's quotation, (3) finding that any reliance by Weitz was reasonable or foreseeable, (4) awarding breach of contract damages rather than reliance damages for promissory estoppel, and (5) denying a pretrial motion to require Weitz to elect a remedy prior to trial and allowing Weitz to proceed on inconsistent claims.