White v. White

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White v. White

Case Number
Call Date
January 28, 2016
Court Number
Case Summary

S-15-350 Douglas County [appellant/intervenor] v. Elizabeth A. White, James F. White, and James McGough [appellees]

Douglas County, Honorable W. Mark Ashford

Attorneys: Donald W. Kleine and Meghan M. Bothe of Douglas County Attorney's Office for appellant; Jim K. McGough for appellee

Civil: Allocation of duty to pay guardian ad litem fees

Proceedings below: District court found appellee Elizabeth White to be indigent and ordered appellant Douglas County to pay the fees due the guardian ad litem, appellee James McGough

Issues: Whether Elizabeth White was indigent; whether the county needs to be given notice and participate in the determination of fee reasonableness before it is obligated to pay the fee; whether the court considered the correct timeframe in the indigency determination; and whether an obligation discharged in bankruptcy can be revived and transferred to the county under these facts.