Lawrence Welch Sworn-in as Judge of the Nebraska Court of Appeals

Lawrence Welch Sworn-in as Judge of the Nebraska Court of Appeals

Friday, March 30, 2018

Lawrence E. Welch, Jr. was sworn-in as the Nebraska Court of Appeals 16th judge on March 28, 2018, in the Nebraska State Capitol. Representing the 5th Judicial District, Welch replaces Judge Everett O. Inbody who retired from the Court of Appeals in December 2017. Speaking directly to Inbody, Welch said, “You have extraordinarily large shoes to fill.  I cannot fill those shoes but I do intend to walk in those footsteps.”

Court of Appeals Chief Judge Frankie J. Moore served as the master of ceremonies and Chief Justice Heavican administered Welch’s oath of office during the ceremony. Governor Ricketts presented Welch with his certificate of appointment and offered remarks about the system of checks and balances provided by the Constitution.  Speaking to the interpersonal and professional qualities of Welch were his brother, Daniel Welch, and good friend T. Parker Schenken of Denver, Colorado. Assisting with his robe were his wife, Allison Welch, and three sons: Buck, Ben and Jack.

During his closing remarks, Welch addressed the audience saying, “I feel so fortunate to be here today; I feel so privileged to be here today; I feel so honored to be here today.  I am not an important person, but this is an important job.”


Photo: Judge Welch files official oath of office with Secretary of State John Gale.