Memorials to Wards in Public Guardian Annual Report

Memorials to Wards in Public Guardian Annual Report

Friday, January 10, 2020

Nebraska’s Office of Public Guardian (OPG), under the Judicial Branch, has released their 2019 Annual Report.  The report (linked below) notes:

“While data, information, and program benchmarks are important reflections of OPG work, the vulnerable adults served by the OPG are, truly, the OPG’s reason for being. It is important their voices be heard, their stories told. This report continues to share memorials of wards who have passed away. Their stories reiterate that any of us, given the right circumstances of tragedy, illness, and crisis, could be in need of the OPG’s services in the future.”

In addition to memorials to wards, the report highlights two significant issues for 2019:

  • The development of an online course for guardians and conservators providing more options and convenience for individuals to comply with mandated Guardian and Conservator Education requirements.
  • The ever-expanding Public Guardian waiting list.

Read the full report: Making a Difference. Office of Public Guardian 2019 Report