Nebraska State Probation Administrator to Retire by End of Year

Nebraska State Probation Administrator to Retire by End of Year

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ms. Ellen Fabian Brokofsky, Nebraska State Probation Administrator and longtime Judicial Branch employee, announced her retirement after 13 years as Probation Administrator for the Nebraska Supreme Court, effective December 31, 2018. She has served in varying levels of the probation system for the past 43 years.

She was appointed State Probation Administrator on October 1, 2005, by then Chief Justice John Hendry to oversee the administrative operations of the statewide probation system under the judicial branch of government. Brokofsky is the fifth individual to hold the position of State Probation Administrator.

In her letter of resignation Brokofsky wrote, “Under your leadership, Mr. Chief Justice, and with the solid support of each of the members of the Court, the Nebraska Probation System has developed a strong foundation.  Built on its core values of: Dignity, Respect and Integrity in all matters, Professionalism and Resourcefulness in both work and daily life, Excellence in Rehabilitative Referrals and Quality Client Supervision, the Probation System is meeting and exceeding its statutory requirements.”

In addition to being tasked with the responsibility for implementing the rules and policies of the Supreme Court, as they apply to probation administration, the State Probation Administrator oversees the budget for probation needs, develops and promotes statewide administrative practices and procedures, oversees the operation of probation programs and strategic initiatives, and serves as a liaison with other branches of government. Brokofsky and her staff perform duties related to fiscal operations, personnel management, education, statistical caseload information, and many other administrative matters. In addition, she has also served on numerous local, state and national professional organizations and board of directors dedicated to improving client services and enhancing the skills of those professional staff members providing direct client case management services.

As Probation Administrator, Brokofsky oversaw considerable change in the Nebraska probation system in recent years, including a substantial increase in automated services, and a significant expansion of drug and problem-solving courts. Most notably, Brokofsky’s leadership brought about a transformation of probation into the arena of evidence-based practice and carved the path for Juvenile and Adult Justice reform within the State of Nebraska.

Regarding the restructuring of the probation system in recent years, Brokofsky remarked, “I am immensely proud of the staff of the Nebraska Probation System and their painstaking efforts through reformation to reduce recidivism and help all probationers’ lead productive law abiding lives.”

Brokofsky has a master’s degree in Management from Bellevue University, Bellevue Nebraska, and a Management Certificate from the University of Nebraska College of Business Administration. She is certified as a Juvenile Justice Administrator by the National Juvenile Court Services Association and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.  She received the Outstanding Supervisor in the Nebraska State Probation System in 2000 and, in 2008, was named Probation Executive of the Year by the National Association of Probation Executives. Brokofsky maintains her professional license as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor.


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