Newly Released Report Regarding Juvenile Probation Recidivism

Newly Released Report Regarding Juvenile Probation Recidivism

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A research study, commissioned by the Supreme Court Administrative Office of Probation, has analyzed and established estimates of juvenile recidivism rates among those discharged from probation supervision in Nebraska. The report is slated to be presented to the Nebraska Supreme Court, distributed to state senators, and is posted on the Judicial Branch Website.

The study completed by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln research team under the direction of Law and Psychology professor Dr. Richard Wiener, show an average recidivism rate of 25.9% for probation youth using the Nebraska Supreme Court’s definition of recidivism. The report shows a significant decline and leveling out from 2010.

“Seeing the very first juvenile recidivism results in Nebraska is exciting. Now that we have the infrastructure necessary to collect, analyze, and report recidivism we can utilize the data to better inform policy and practice. This foundation also allows for further examination by other key characteristics of youth we serve,” said Jeanne Brandner, Deputy Probation Administrator, who oversees Probation’s Juvenile Services Division.

Data was gathered from probation and court records for juveniles who were discharged from probation between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2015.

Read the full 12-page report: Nebraska Juvenile Recidivism Report February 2018 (

Nebraska Supreme Court’s definition of recidivism: Article 10: Uniform Definitions of Recidivism for Nebraska State Probation and Nebraska Problem-Solving Courts (