Not Normal Times for the Justice System

Not Normal Times for the Justice System

Friday, April 17, 2020

These are not normal times for the justice system, according to a news report featuring Clerk Magistrate Vicki Kuhlmann in Washington County. 

The interview between Kuhlmann and the news reporter was held on opposite sides of the plastic barrier at the customer service counter. Kuhlmann was in her office working on audits.  The news reporter was parked outside of the courthouse, looking for someone who would speak with him. Kuhlmann took his call and requested permission for the reporter to be let into the courthouse noting, "We are open as usual." 

"We'll serve you to the best of our ability," she added.

The March 27 article quotes State Court Administrator Corey Steel regarding the changes brought about COVID-19 precautions and discusses accommodations elsewhere in the state.

Kuhlmann told the reporter, “We're just working with the circumstances we have and the situation and going forward.” These are not normal times, indeed.

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(Photo: Bill Kelly/NET News)