Vet Pays Tribute to Army Dad

Vet Pays Tribute to Army Dad

Sunday, May 24, 2020
Installation crew

Veterans Treatment Court participant John Rawlinson wanted to create a tribute to his dad.

James Rawlinson, John’s father, died last year on September 10 at his home in Lincoln. 

According to family, Jim loved his country and served active duty in the Army, where he married Rose Marie Matulka in Agnew, NE, in 1962.

Father and son share more than their parent-child relationship; they are both U.S. Army veterans.

On Memorial Day weekend, John played a fundamental role in creating a tribute to the Sr. Rawlings, where he and a small number of fellow volunteers placed an American flag in the Agnew cemetery.

Rawlings knows that his dad would be proud – both of the American flag flying in Agnew and of his son, who is working his way through the Lancaster County Veteran’s Treatment Court.

Photos: St. Joseph’s Cemetery Agnew, NE.   John Rawlinson, in silver ARMY t-shirt stands in Agnew cemetery with newly erected American flag. American flag Installation crew in cemetery in Agnew NE.