Nebraska Judicial Branch

Nebraska Judicial Branch

Supreme Court Opinions

S-23-681317 Neb. 141Community Care Health Plan of Neb. v. Jackson
S-23-694317 Neb. 157Lancaster County v. Slezak
S-23-738317 Neb. 174State v. Betancourt-Garcia
S-24-146317 Neb. 191State ex rel. Counsel for Dis. v. Sipp
S-23-330317 Neb. 68Dzingle v. Krcilek
S-23-597317 Neb. 88City of Hastings v. Sheets
S-23-666317 Neb. 100Tegra Corp. v. Boeshart
S-23-974317 Neb. 131State v. Dejaynes-Beaman

Court of Appeals Opinions

A-24-198, A-24-19933 Neb. App. 45State v. Lu
Opinion Memorandum
A-23-749State v. Spencer
A-24-085State v. Swartz
A-24-215State v. Gilmer
A-23-1010State v. Partee
Opinion Memorandum
Opinion Memorandum

Rule Amendments

Neb. Ct. R. ch. 6, art. 14, app. 3 (Waiver/Fine Schedule) - Adopted Date: - Effective Date:
Neb. Ct. R. § 6-1462 (Uniform County Court Rules of Practice and Procedure) - Adopted Date: - Effective Date: