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Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation Calendar

11/27/2015 (All day)
The ‘behind the scenes’ heroes of Adoption Day Omaha 2015
Probate staffers: Terri Inzauro, Carrol Mills, Cindy Vandenbroucke, Sheli Astorino with visiting Star Wars Crew.
Justice Stacy
Students Attend Investiture Ceremony of Justice Stephanie Stacy
Judge Stacy surrounded by Government and Politics students at her reception with sons Ben, Will, and Jack along with the Chief Justice who provided a personalized tour of the Court.
Judge Gary Randall makes opening remarks during evaluation of Nebraska’s Parenting Act
while Alicia Davis and Richard Schauffler prepare presentation materials
Probation officers attend new officer training on Level of Service/Case Management Inventory
At new JBE Training Center, 50th and “0” Streets in Lincoln, NE
Judge John Colborn
2015 Distinguished Judge for Improvement of the Judicial System
Judge Frankie Moore
2015 Distinguished Judge for Service to the Community
Juvenile Restorative Justice Practices
Juvenile Restorative Justice Practices seminar presented to Nebraska Attorneys prompts discussion
Jeanne Brandner, Cindy Tierney, University of MN Restorative Justice consultant Dr. Mark Umbreit, Hon. Doug Johnson and Debora Denny