Probation Code of Ethics

Probation Code of Ethics

The intent of the Nebraska Probation System Code of Ethics is to define our values, beliefs, and conduct by demonstrating responsibility towards our courts, communities, victims, probationers and colleagues.

As Probation staff, we commit to demonstrating the highest standards of personal and professional integrity by practicing honesty, respecting the dignity and individuality of human beings, and providing professional and compassionate service. We further resolve to conduct ourselves in a professional manner, so as to avoid the appearance of impropriety and increase the public trust and confidence in the Nebraska Probation System.

  • I will carefully guard my reputation of good moral character and citizenship. I will use time, resources, facilities, and information for their intended purpose.
  • I will seek to preserve the dignity and rights of all individuals by practicing courtesy, respect, and responsiveness.
  • I will conduct myself at all times in a professional manner regarding appearance, conduct, and speech.
  • I will model policies, procedures, and personal practices which will enable others to conduct themselves in accordance with our values and beliefs.
  • I will neither accept nor grant favors in connection with my position.
  • I will continue to work against discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, gender, age, creed, nationality, cultural, physical or economic conditions.
  • I will refrain from activities which conflict or appear to conflict with my official duties and responsibilities, which includes inappropriate relationships, misuse of alcohol/drugs, and unlawful acts.
  • I will perform my duties in a timely, relevant, and accurate manner.
  • I will exercise professional judgment and not allow external pressures to influence my decisions.
  • I will advance my professional competency by continuing education and training consistent with evidence-based practices.
  • I will safeguard all verbal, written, and electronic information concerning offenders, colleagues, victims, and others.
  • I will report any corrupt or unethical behavior which could affect an offender, colleague, or the integrity of the Probation System.
  • The Nebraska Probation System is committed to providing its employees with an open and safe work environment. To ensure the rights of all employees, appropriate corrective and/or disciplinary action will be taken.

This information does not and cannot attempt to detail every incident which could violate the Code of Ethics.

Approved September 9, 2009