Request to Open Adoption Records for Adoption Decree or Medical Records

Request to Open Adoption Records for Adoption Decree or Medical Records

Sometimes it is necessary for adopted individuals or adoptive parents/legal guardians to get medical information that is not available through the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The  needed medical  information may be included in some medical records or the Adoption Decree, and can only be requested from the courts .  See Forms and Filing information below.

Often, the most common source for birth records is through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Vital Statistics.  Their website is: or call DHHS at 402-471-0918. Medical records (birth/biography record) of individuals adopted after Sept 1, 1988, are kept by Bureau of Vital Statistics in additions to the courts.  To get records, individuals must complete an access form through the Bureau of Vital Statistics.  Adoptees can call 402-471-0918; there may be a small fee for copies of the information. 

Or write:

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
Division of Public Health Vital Records
P.O. Box 95065
Lincoln NE 68509-5065

If you were born outside of Nebraska, check

Forms and Filing


Filing the Request to Open Adoption Records

To begin the process, you must take your completed Request to Open Adoption Records form (CC 17:7) to the clerk of the county court or juvenile court in the county in which the adoption was finalized.

Click on County Court Clerk Magistrates  for contact information.

There is no filing fee but you will be charged a small fee for certified copies of records.

Court Request

If the court grants your request, you will be notified of the cost by phone or email, if available.  Copies will be sent upon receipt of payment.