The Nebraska judicial branch recognizes that enhancing technological access for external court users is an important part of its mission to continually improve access to justice.  The branch offers a wide variety of online services, and is committed to enhancing and adding to these services over time. 

Information Technology Division

It is the mission of Nebraska Judicial Branch Information Technology to execute the Supreme Court's strategic plan and continue to increase the statewide trial court system's ability to leverage high-tech solutions to ensure access to justice, as well as support the vision and mission of the probation system through innovative technology.

IT Support

IT Division staff fulfill the technology needs of the offices that provide accounting services, human resources, legal support, policy direction and education/training for the statewide court and probation systems.  The IT team provides computer equipment and support services to the offices of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, the Clerk of the Supreme Court and the Reporter of Decisions; as well as the various divisions of Judicial Branch Education, Attorney Services Division, Office of Public Guardian and the Office of Dispute Resolution.  Many of these offices are located in the State Capitol building, however, there are additional satellite offices in Lincoln and around the state. The same team also assists statewide courts and probation with implementation and use of other technologies such as digital recording and video conferencing. 

Application Development

The IT Division provides software development and daily operational support for the Judicial Branch's internal case management systems.

Statewide Probation

The Nebraska Probation Application for Community Safety (NPACS) is a custom software solution that provides online case management for the fourteen Probation Districts throughout the state.  Technologies provided through the judicial branch promote the effective and efficient operation of the Probation system and include applications to manage vouchers, register service providers, and deliver online training. 

Through continuous NPACS development and offering support for implementation of other technology in offices and reporting centers across the state, IT staff work to enable the Probation system to serve the public and ultimately, to fulfill Probation’s vision for excellence in justice and community safety. 

Trial Courts and Appellate Courts

The statewide trial case management system known as JUSTICE (Judicial User System To Increase Court Effectiveness) as well as the appellate case management system SCCALES (Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Legal Entry System) have been designed to meet the specific needs of the Nebraska court system.  A large suite of complementary online services are developed with the state's network manager Nebraska.gov such as eFiling, ePayment, and court case information searches.

Judicial Branch IT staff is constantly working to meet the needs of all the county, district, and separate juvenile courts across Nebraska, as well as striving to find new and better solutions to make the courts more efficient and better deliver information and services to the public and the legal community.



Sanaz Ahmadi
Chief Information Officer
Nebraska State Court Administrator’s Office 
State Capitol Room #1211
Lincoln, NE  68509
Phone: (402) 471-4190