Court Records Search Policy for Nebraska Courts

Court Records Search Policy for Nebraska Courts

Court employees may search for a specific court record when provided identifying information including complete party name, case year or case type.  Court employees may also provide photocopies and certified copies of court records specifically identified by case number by the requestor. All certified and photocopy fees in the county court are to be assessed and collected in accordance with § 33-126.05. Court employees will not provide or sign any certificate of any kind stating that they have searched and found no record.

An exception to this general rule is the Nebraska State Patrol. If information is requested by the Patrol, please respond as soon as practical. There are no fees assessed to the Patrol for any type of records search.

In the event that the records requested have been destroyed in compliance with State of Nebraska Records Retention and Disposition Schedule 18, you may use this form letter to notify the requestor. 

Persons seeking a court record can make use of the JUSTICE public access terminal located in the courthouse which allows searches by party name or case number.

Individuals may also access court case records using the internet.  A One-Time search is available which allows access to information about court cases throughout Nebraska for an up-front search fee which can be paid using a credit card.  The research and corresponding results are able to be viewed over a three day timeframe.  There is a 30 case limit through this service.

Persons seeking to make multiple or frequent court records searches should be informed that JUSTICE court records may be obtained by subscribing through  The service provides the same access to all JUSTICE cases in the county and district courts in the state with monthly billing for any charges.

Any Nebraska governmental agency may request free access to from the Deputy State Court Administrator for Information Technology at (402) 471-3049.

The public may request from the Nebraska State Patrol a conviction-only record of arrest and prosecution record for individuals.

Those requests not covered by the above policy and which are formal written requests under the Public Records Act, 84-712 through 84-712.09 should be given immediate attention and forwarded to the State Court Administrator.

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