Protection Order Information

Protection Order Information

These instructions and forms were developed to help people better understand legal processes. Anyone planning to handle their own case is urged to consider talking to a lawyer. Legal resources are available on the Nebraska Online Legal Self-Help Center.

Victim advocacy information can be found by clicking HERE

Warning: If you are seeking information because you are uncertain of your safety,  other people with access to your computer, can find the history of your internet browsing.   Consider using a computer at a local library or other location.

Courts No Longer Authorized to Accept E-mailed Documents

On May 20, 2021 the Chief Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court discontinued the temporary allowance of e-mail documents for court filings which had been permitted during the Pandemic. That administrative order is found here:

Individuals that do not have an attorney may file documents with the court in person, by mail, or by fax transmission. (Neb. Ct. R. § 6-601(B), allows non-attorneys to file any pleading, motion or other document, except for briefs in the appellate courts, by fax transmission until May 1, 2025.)

If you want to fax a court document, you must include the uniform cover sheet as the first page.  The fax must be less than 10 pages not counting the cover sheet.  If you want to fax more than 10 pages, you must get approval from the clerk of the court before you send it. 


Court addresses and contact information are located here: 

District Courts

County Courts

If you have questions, contact the clerk of the court in which your case is filed.   

If you believe a Protection Order is needed:

  • You must first decide what type of Protection Order you want to file. A protection order is an order from a judge to protect people from abuse, sexual assault, or harassment.  There are three types of protection orders. The definition for each  is listed below. A packet of forms is attached to each definition.
  1. Domestic Abuse Protection Order:  For people who have been in close relationships (relatives, spouses or former spouses, people who have lived or are living together, etc.). It is granted because someone attempted, threatened, caused bodily injury, or intimidated the other person by credible threat, or engaged in sexual contact or sexual penetration without consent. Domestic Abuse Protection Order Packet
  2. Harassment Protection Order:  Not relationship dependent. Requires a number of telephone or personal contacts that seriously terrify, threaten, or intimidate the victim and serve no legitimate purpose. Harassment Protection Order Packet
  3. Sexual Assault Protection Order:  Not relationship dependent. It is granted because someone subjected or attempted to subject the other person to sexual contact or sexual penetration without consent. Sexual Assault Protection Order Packet
  • After choosing the best packet of forms for your situation, complete the forms on the computer or print to complete by pen.
  • Your signature on the form must be witnessed by a notary or by court staff. To find a notary, call your local bank or other businesses. Drive-through services may be available. Electronic notaries are available online and using these services is now approved in Nebraska.

**If you are submitting in Douglas County, please click on Douglas County Domestic Violence Protection Orders for more information specific to the process in Douglas County. **   

After completing the forms:
Self-represented litigants are encouraged to submit a Registration of Email Address, so all documents and notifications may be emailed to them from the courts.