Requests for Payment Alternatives

Requests for Payment Alternatives

Requests for Alternatives to Paying Fines/Court Costs for a Criminal Offense

If individuals do not have enough money to pay a fine or court costs for a criminal offense, they have the right to have a court hearing to ask for one of three things:

  • more time to pay;
  • community service instead of paying; or
  • a discharge of the fine or costs so the individual does not have to pay

The Nebraska American Civil Liberties Union has created a form and instructions for individuals who do not have a lawyer and are facing fines or fees for a criminal offense.

Below are the ACLU instructions and forms in both English and Spanish for the options listed above. Individuals should fill out the form and take it to court.

Please be aware that people using the forms below may be asked to stand in front of the judge at a hearing and give more information about what they are asking for.

If you have difficulty using or downloading the forms, please contact the ACLU Nebraska



Always make sure that court officials have your current mailing address, phone number, and/or email. Respond to all court notices and always come to all scheduled court dates.