Deadlines and Fees

Deadlines and Fees


 File no earlier thanFile, without penalty, no later than
July ExamJanuary 2March 1
February ExamSeptember 1November 1


The application is filed when it is received by the Director of Admissions, including all required documents uploaded. Applicants who fail the February exam and wish to apply for the next immediate exam in July are given a deadline of 30 days following the date of the release of the February exam results.

Fees: All fees payable to "Nebraska State Bar Commission" unless otherwise indicated.

First-time Exam Application$515*
First-time Exam Application without a passing MPRE Score (passing score is 85 or higher)$615*
First-time Exam Re-take Application for the IMMEDIATE NEXT EXAM ONLY$250*
All other Exam Re-take Applications$515*
All other Exam Re-take Applications without a passing MPRE Score (passing score is 85 or higher)$615*
Late fee for Exam Applications$150

Late fee for Exam Applications $150

July Exam:

Applications received March 2nd through March 31st will be accepted w/ late fee.
Applications received April 1st or later will NOT be accepted.

February Exam:
Applications received November 2nd through December 1st will be accepted w/ late fee.
Applications received December 2nd or later will NOT be accepted.

Laptop Fee (paid directly to software provider / fee subject to change)$100
Hand score fee (payable to the National Conference of Bar Examiners)$50

On Motion Application (Class 1(A), Class 1(B), Class 1(C))

On Motion Application (Class 1(D))



Certified or non-certified copy of application (go to Rules & Forms page for the request form)$35

* These fees include a $25 processing fee.