Online Legal Resources

Online Legal Resources

Nebraska Revised Statutes

The Nebraska Revised Statutes are the state’s official code, or laws, passed by the unicameral. Browse by chapter or search by keywords and statute number. Statute books are also available for download or purchase.

Rules & Regulations

The Secretary of State’s office maintains the Nebraska Administrative Code. Click on the Regulations tab to search or browse the current rules and regulations for state agencies.

Legislative Research

Search for current or past legislation, floor debates and committee hearing transcripts, legislative journals, and compiled legislative histories on the Unicameral website.

Local Municipal Codes

NebraskaAccess has links to local and municipal codes. These are the laws created and enforced by a local village, town, city or county government.


Search for Nebraska Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions published in Nebraska Reports and Appellate Reports in the online library.


The Online Legal Self-Help Center has a variety of resources, forms, and instructions for people who have chosen to represent themselves in court. These resources have been approved and created by the court, but they should not be considered a substitute for an attorney and may not be suitable in all circumstances.