Application for Admission on Motion

Application for Admission on Motion

The Nebraska Supreme Court (Court) exercises jurisdiction over admission to the practice of law in the State of Nebraska. The Court established the Nebraska State Bar Commission (Commission) to review all applicants and make recommendations to the Court for admission. The Commission oversees the administration of the Uniform Bar Exam (“UBE”) in Nebraska twice yearly for admission by examination. Applicants may apply for admission on motion if already licensed in another state or by UBE score transfer.  Please note that processing time of a motion application will vary based upon the applicant's particular situation and the completeness of the application. 

*All applicants must apply using the Nebraska admissions application located here: This system has been configured to work best with Google Chrome. It is strongly encouraged to use this browser when completing the application.

Please read the ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PRACTICE OF LAW  before completing and submitting an application.

FORMS: When the application is complete, follow this link to find the necessary forms noted in the Bar Application Completion Checklist (see next paragraph for checklist).

The Bar Application Checklist (also found under Forms):

Payment must be made through the online admissions application website. Credit cards, debit cards, or e-checks are accepted. Physical checks will not be accepted. Applications will not be processed until full payment has been received.

**Class types for Motion Applications:
The rule on this can be found here.

Special Instructions for:

Class 1(A) Applicants

If you are applying as a Class 1(A) applicant on motion, please request that your scaled MBE and ESSAY/MPT scores be reported to Nebraska.  PLEASE NOTE: Your scaled scores must have been earned from a single administration of the bar exam and may not be more than three years old. Combined scores from separate administrations will not be accepted.

Class 1(B) Applicants

There are no special instructions for Class 1(B) applicants (must meet all components found in link to rule above).

Class 1 (C) Applicants

If you earned a score of 270 or higher on the UBE in another jurisdiction within the past three years, you may apply as a Class 1(C) applicant.  Please request that NCBE provide a score report to Nebraska.

Class 1(D) Applicants

In addition to the required supplements, the Addendum to Bar Admissions Application Form must be completed and uploaded to "Applicant Documentation" for this type of application.

All applicants are required to be fingerprinted as provided under Neb. Rev. Stat. § 7-102(2). Also see Neb. Ct. R. § 3-111(H). Fingerprints are submitted to the Nebraska State Patrol for a national criminal history record infomation check by the Identification Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In some cases, fingerprint agencies will scan and submit fingerprints electronically and it is not necessary for the applicant to submit fingerprint cards. When the agency does not submit fingerprints electronically, the applicant must return two physical cards by mail or in person to the Nebraska State Bar Commission at the address below. All biodata required on the fingerprint cards must be completed by the applicant for processing.  Failure to complete the information may cause several weeks delay in processing. Applicants may request blank fingerprint cards (not required, this is a courtesy by the Nebraska State Bar Commission) by emailing Please provide your mailing address to which the blank physical cards can be mailed.  Completed fingerprint cards may be mailed or hand delivered to:

Nebraska State Bar Commission of the Nebraska Supreme Court
Nebraska State Capitol
1445 K Street, Room 2413
PO Box 98910
Lincoln, NE 68509

Revision Forms (if applicable)
If you need to revise any of your responses after you have submitted your application, please use the Revisions Form. Upload it under "Applicant Documentation" of your application when completed.

Amendment Forms (if applicable)
If you need to make any amendments to your submitted online application, please use the following forms as needed:

Please scan and email forms submitted after your application has been filed to the following email address: Please also make sure to upload it under "Applicant Documentation" of your application as well. 

If you have questions, or for more information, please email: