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Electronic Filing (eFiling) is a system for transmitting documents to trial and appellate courts, and is required for attorneys in good standing with the Nebraska State Bar. Rules governing electronic filing and service, published by the Nebraska Supreme Court are available here, and include possible exemptions. Registration for eFiling is mandatory for any Nebraska attorney practicing in the trial or appellate courts, and requires a Nebraska.Gov Subscriber account. eFiling is available for all case types in the trial court case management system, known as JUSTICE, and the appellate court case management system, known as SCCALES.

*Note: Documents eFiled in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals must be in text-searchable PDF format

Electronic Service (eService) is a feature of eFiling, which allows the transmission of documents via email to any represented party on a case. Attorneys registered to use eFiling agree to receive service of any document, other than a summons or initial pleading, via electronic, rather than traditional means (mail, hand-delivery, etc.).

Electronic Notice (eNotice) is a feature of JUSTICE, which allows the transmission of orders, notices, and other court entries via email to all attorneys and self-represented parties on a case registered for eFiling.