Judicial Branch Education

Judicial Branch Education

It is essential to the public that judges and judicial branch employees continue their education in order to maintain and increase their professional competence, to fulfill their obligations under the Nebraska Revised Code of Judicial Conduct, and to ensure the delivery of quality judicial services to the people of the State of Nebraska.  The Office of Judicial Branch Education is designed to provide in-house programming for court staff, probation, and judges with guidance from the Judicial Branch Education Advisory Committee and project leadership from each employee group within the Judicial Branch.

Nebraska Supreme Court Rule §1-503 Required continuing judicial branch education, outlines minimum continuing education requirements for all Nebraska judges, clerks, probation officers and other branch employees bound by Judicial Branch Education Standards.

Judges and Court Staff

  • Judges and employees of the Judicial Branch access education by logging into the court or probation intranet (those needing assistance with intranet username and password should contact their supervisor or clerk of court) and clicking on the Judicial Branch Education (JBE) button.

Individuals Who Serve Nebraska Courts

Judicial Branch Education is also tasked with providing education for attorneys in specific areas of the law and for certain individuals who serve the courts in a volunteer capacity or through appointment by the court.  Attorneys, registered service providers, interpreters and citizens who volunteer as bailiffs in the courts, as well as others, may obtain the necessary education through the Judicial Branch Education.

Attorneys With Specialized Duties

  • Guardians Ad Litem
  • Young Adult Bridge to Independence 

Others Who Serve Nebraska Courts

  • Jury Bailiff Education
  • Probation Service Providers - Enhancements in Behavioral Health: Probation’s Standardized Model and Mental Health Services offered through Probation Administration


Judicial Branch Education
5000 Central Park Drive, Suite #204 68504
Nebraska Supreme Court
PO Box 98910
Lincoln, NE  68508
Phone: 402-580-9162 and/or 402-560-6171

Kelli Wood joined Judicial Branch Education in August 2020 and has served as Deputy Administrator of Judicial Branch Education since July 1, 2022.  In this role, she oversees education for all areas of the branch, including probation, courts, judicial, and attorney education.

Prior to joining the Judicial Branch, Kelli worked as a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach for Talent Plus, a human resources consulting company.  In this role, she developed and facilitated leadership development programs for executive leaders from various industries across the country.  Prior to that, Kelli worked as a Performance Improvement Consultant at Bryan Hospital where she developed a comprehensive leadership development and mentoring program and served as an internal consultant to the management team.  Kelli was also an Instructor and Service-Learning Coordinator at Nebraska Wesleyan University from 2009 to 2015.

Kelli has a bachelor’s degree from UN-L in Human Development and the Family and a master’s degree from UN-L in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. 


Kelli M. Wood, M.A. 
Deputy Administrator | Judicial Branch Education
Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation
5000 Central Park Drive, Suite 204| Lincoln, NE 68504 
C: 402.429.8094 | F: 402.471.0728