Judicial Branch Education Advisory Committee

Judicial Branch Education Advisory Committee

NameCompositionAppt. DateTerm Expires
Justice John Freudenberg, LincolnChief Justice, or his/her designate (ex-officio)7-25-18Permanent
Chair, Judge Riko Bishop, Lincoln
Reappointed 12-19-18
Court of Appeals Judge1-1-161-1-26
Judge Julie D. Smith, TecumsehDistrict Court Judge, 1st Judicial District12-15-211-1-28

Vice Chair, Judge Linda A. Bauer, Fairbury
Reappointed 10-25-17, 10-25-23

Appointed Vice Chair 3-10-21

County Court Judge, 1st Judicial District6-28-171-1-27
Judge Sarah Moore, PapillionSeparate Juvenile Court Judge10-25-231-1-27
Judge Dirk BlockWorkers' Compensation Court Judge1-1-231-1-26

Joshua McDougall, Wilber

Reappointed 3-10-21, 10-25-23

Clerk Magistrate, Saline County Court10-25-171-1-27
Vickie Prince, Pierce
Reappointed 10-26-11, 10-29-14, 10-25-17, 3-10-21, 10-25-23
Clerk of the District Court, Pierce County10-15-081-1-27
Carrie Rodriguez, ColumbusProbation Officer10-21-201-1-28
Angela Driver, WilberCourt Reporter8-24-221-1-28
Corey SteelState Court Administrator (ex-officio)11-16-05-----
Deborah MinardiState Probation Administrator (ex-officio)2-14-19-----
Kelli WoodDeputy Administrator, Judicial Branch Education (ex-officio)10-21-20-----

For information on rules regulating the Judicial Branch Education Advisory Committee, please reference Chapter 1, Article 5: Mandatory Continuing Judicial Education; Advisory Committee Provisions