The public’s perception of Nebraska’s justice system is linked to their daily interactions with the courts and the quality of the services they receive.  Ensuring that judicial branch employees and others who work in our Nebraska courts have the training and education they need to perform their duties effectively and professionally is essential.

Employees and Judges

The Office of Judicial Branch Education is the primary resource for providing on-going education for judges, court staff, and probation staff throughout the State of Nebraska.

Individuals Who Serve Nebraska Courts and Probation

Initial and ongoing education is required for various individuals working with the court system, either through legislative declaration or court rule. Depending on the area of law, a variety of departments within the Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation provide access to initial and ongoing education for those with additional training needs.  Administrative Office duties include monitoring mandatory rule compliance, locating appropriate education providers, and directly offering the education programming.

Voluntary bailiffsParenting Act Mediatorscourt interpreters, and individuals who serve as guardian/conservator, and mental health practitioners who have registered as service providers through the Nebraska probation system are among those having mandated education requirements.

Attorneys Practicing in the State of Nebraska

Attorneys practicing law in Nebraska are subject to mandatory continuing legal education administered through the Nebraska Attorney Services Division Office of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education.