Obtaining a Copy of Your Court Record That Has Been Sealed

Obtaining a Copy of Your Court Record That Has Been Sealed

When this Request is Used

This is the form you use when you want to get a copy of your sealed court record, or you want your court record released to someone else.

Facts About Filing a Request for Copies of Your Sealed Court Record

This form may ONLY be filed by you -- the person whose record has been sealed.  You may not have anyone make the request on your behalf.  

You can request all or part of a court record and indicate whether the record is to be picked up or mailed to you.

There is a cost to get the copy of your record.  The things that will have an effect on the total cost may include: 

  • The number of pages in the record or how many pages from the record you are requesting. Many courts charge by the page.
  • If you want the copy “certified”, there may be an additional charge.
  • If you are asking that the copy be mailed to you or someone else, there may be an additional cost for mailing.

Forms and Filing


Filing the Request to for a Copy of Your Court Record

You must file your completed Defendant’s/Juvenile’s Request to Release Sealed Records (DC 1:12) with the clerk of the district court, county court, or juvenile court in the county in which your case was filed. You will need to ask the clerk when the copies will be available and what the policies are regarding cost per page, mailing cost (if you are asking it to be mailed), certification, and if you need to pay in advance or provide a deposit.

Individuals that do not have an attorney may file documents with the court in person, by mail, or by fax transmission. (Neb. Ct. R. § 6-601(B), allows non-attorneys to file any pleading, motion or other document, except for briefs in the appellate courts, by fax transmission until May 1, 2025.)

If you want to fax a court document, you must include the uniform cover sheet as the first page.  The fax must be less than 10 pages not counting the cover sheet.  If you want to fax more than 10 pages, you must get approval from the clerk of the court before you send it. 

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