Adult Field Services: Resources

Adult Field Services: Resources

An Assessment of Community Supervision Incarceration Responses in Nebraska and Utah
January, 2022

Nebraska Probation Report: Predicting Recidivism for Post Release Supervision Releasees
October, 2021

Stakeholder Manual Revised 4.2020
Administrative Office of the Courts & Probation

Impact of Justice Reinvestment & LB605 on the Administrative Office of Probation
Administrative Office of the Courts & Probation

SSAS Evaluation & Report
Wiener & Jimenez
June, 2018

Validation and Application of the LS/CMI in Nebraska Probation
Criminal Justice and Criminal Behavior
April, 2018

Recidivism Rates for Nebraska Adult Probationers
Report Released by Nebraska Judicial Branch

Validation Study of the LS/CMI Assessment Tool in Nebraska
Law/Psychology Program
University of Nebraska/Lincoln
July, 2014

Platte Institute for Economic Research
Policy Study - Controlling Costs and Protecting Public Safety in the Cornhusker State
Mark Levin and Vikrant Reddy
February, 2011

Recommendations for Reporting Center Expansion
Prepared by the Community Corrections Planning Subcommittee
November, 2010

Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision in Nebraska
A Study of the First Year of Implementation
University of Nebraska Medical Center

August 12, 2008

Intensive Supervision Probation in Nebraska
A Process and Impact Evaluation

Vera Institute of Justice
January, 2007

Process Evaluation of Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision
(SSAS) in Nebraska

Vera Institute of Justice
October, 2008

Transformations in Community Corrections Series 
Volume 1: Building a Seamless System of Care for Substance Abuse Services in Nebraska: The Implementation of the Standardized Model for Delivery of Substance Abuse Services 
Denise C. Herz, Ph.D. & Nebraska Office of Probation Administration