Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers

Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers


Nebraska statute allows for a parent or legal guardian of a minor child to execute a power of attorney delegating to another person any of his or her powers regarding the care, custody, or property of the minor child or ward. This statute does not allow for the person delegated to act to consent to marriage or adoption of the minor child. This form is often used where due to the expected absence of a parent another is authorized to consent to medical treatment, enrollment in school, or other academic or athletic programs, etc.

This power of attorney is called a Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers and is limited to a six-month period. After the six-month period, the parent or legal guardian may execute another Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers.

The Temporary Delegation of Parental Powers must be signed or acknowledged before a Notary Public. Once it is completed a copy should be retained for your records and the original given to the person you have delegated as having received the authority to act in your place.

These Forms are not filed with the court - keep them in a safe place.


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