Credentialing Protocol for Expanded Media Coverage in Nebraska Trial Courts

Credentialing Protocol for Expanded Media Coverage in Nebraska Trial Courts


Credentials are not needed to attend court, observe proceedings, take notes, or write stories.

Credentials are ONLY needed to participate in a media pool and to use certain electronic devices.


“News media” includes any authorized representative of a news organization that has been credentialed by the Public Information Officer of the Nebraska Supreme Court. Credentials will be issued to journalists who write for newspapers or magazines with regular frequency of publication or prepare news to be broadcast on radio or television licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.

APPLICATION for Credential:

Individuals who qualify for media credentialing must complete the Badge Application and submit via email with scanned or .JPG head-and-shoulders photo.

All applications will be acknowledged via email.  I.D. badge will be sent to the media outlet office listed on the application form.

Wearing Identification:

All news media personnel using electronic or photographic equipment inside the courtroom must wear official identification in a location that is clearly visible to the judicial officer, court security, the public, and members of the jury. Regardless of identification, reporters will be subject to security screening/scanning.

Lost I.D.:

Resubmit Badge Application with appropriate box checked.

Rule Link: Article 20: Rules for Expanded News Media Coverage in Nebraska Trial Courts