Domestic Abuse Protection Order

Domestic Abuse Protection Order

A substantial amount of personal information is helpful in completing the protection order forms.  The Information Worksheet (DC 19:27), is not required, but might help you to gather that information.

Domestic Abuse Protection Order Forms and Frequently Asked Questions

Before beginning the protection order process, please read the following information:


Domestic Abuse Protection Order Forms

Each of the Protection Order types requires that three forms be completed.

The three forms are available as a packet:  Domestic Abuse, Packet for Protection Order - Autofill (DC 19:70)


You may access the forms and the instructions individually:

  1. Praecipe (DC 19:1), Instructions (DC 19:1a) — The praecipe is how you ask the court to give notice to the respondent (the person you are seeking protection from).
  2. Social Security Information Form (DC 6:5.12), Instructions (DC 6:5.12a) — This form provides confidential social security information to be kept in a private section of the court file.
  3. Petition (DC 19:8), Instructions (DC 19:8A) -  The Protection Order Form Guide listed in the section above may provide assistance.  — The petition and affidavit is how you request the protection order and provide the personal information and details about what happened to the court.


If you currently have an active Domestic Abuse Protection Order from the court and would like to change one or more of the protections that you were originally granted by the judge, complete and file the “Request for Modification” below:


If you currently have an active Domestic Abuse Protection Order from the court, at any time within forty-five (45) days before the expiration of the original, previously renewed, or otherwise modified protection order, including the date the order expires, and you would like to renew the order for one year, complete the forms below:


Before a Protection Order has been issued:  Complete and file an Application to Dismiss Petition and Affidavit for Protection Order (DC 19:41) to ask the court to dismiss (cancel) the Petition and Affidavit you filed to ask for a Protection Order.

After a Protection Order has been issued:  Complete and file a Motion to Vacate and Set Aside and to Dismiss Protection Order (DC 19:18) to ask the court to have an active Protection Order dismissed (canceled).​