2. Management Authority

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2. Management Authority

   Supervisors in local offices are responsible for managing and directing the employees of those offices in accordance with the Supreme Court Personnel Policies and Procedures.  Supervisory staff is designated by job description. Unless otherwise assigned, pursuant to Neb. Ct. R. of Cty, Cts. 59 (Presiding Judges), the presiding judge bears the responsibility for the hiring, evaluating, and disciplining of the judicial administrator and/or clerk magistrate(s) of the district in accordance with the Supreme Court Personnel Policies and Procedures.

   Supervisors have the authority to determine specific responsibilities of any position within the constraints of the individual job descriptions and to make assignments or changes in duties as needed.  The supervisors are also responsible for other conditions of employment, including work schedules and working conditions.

   Supervisors are responsible for the application of these rules within their local offices and shall ensure that all employees comply with the provisions of these rules.

Amended 7-16-03.