2018 State of the Judiciary Given to the Nebraska Legislature

2018 State of the Judiciary Given to the Nebraska Legislature

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Chief Justice Mike Heavican gave his 2018 State of the Judiciary speech to the Nebraska Legislature on January 18, 2018. During his presentation he highlighted the Judicial Branch’s newest type of Problem-Solving Court: the Veterans Treatment Court.

Members of Nebraska’s inaugural Douglas and Lancaster County Veterans Treatment Courts were among those watching from the Unicameral balcony. The group included judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, veteran mentors, and other supporters of the two courts.

The Chief Justice noted that during his 11 year tenure, Nebraska’s judges, court clerks, probation officers, and support staff have greatly expanded the services provided to Nebraska’s communities. He remarked that, “In doing so, we have recommitted ourselves to providing equality before the law. That recommitment emphasizes compassion, sacrifice, and creativity.”

Also discussed were the Court’s new Access to Justice Commission; the implementation of cameras in state trial courts; the implementation of increasingly sophisticated efiling and other technological advances; and the good work of the Office of Public Guardian, the Office of Dispute Resolution; and the increase of adult probation services, problem-solving courts, and juvenile justice supervision programs.

Read the documents distributed with the State of the Judiciary: