5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court Commencements Ceremonies January 4 & 7, 2019

5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court Commencements Ceremonies January 4 & 7, 2019

Friday, January 25, 2019

The 5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court serving York, Hamilton, and Merrick Counties held graduation ceremonies on January 4, 2019, in York County and January 7, 2019, in Merrick County.

For Problem-Solving Court graduates, these ceremonies mark the completion of an intensive program of comprehensive drug treatment, close supervision, and full accountability. Presiding Problem-Solving Court Judges, James Stecker, of York District Court, and Judge Rachel Daugherty, of Merrick District Court, delivered the keynote addresses in their respective jurisdiction. Problem-Solving Courts run a minimum 18-month program where participants develop the skills to live a successful life free from drugs and alcohol.

The Fifth Judicial Problem Solving Court Coordinator, Abbie Dishong, commented, “This program isn’t easy. Our participants are under a microscope and have tough expectations and requirements.  The Problem Solving Court Team has high expectations for the character and integrity of the participants in this program”. Dishong continued, “The program demands serious self-reflection, perseverance, and commitment to the recovery process. These programs replace the previous philosophy of incarceration with community-based treatment programs and rehabilitative interventions that encourage individuals to change their thinking patterns and embrace accountability without the cost of imprisonment.”

The 5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court, like other Nebraska Problem-Solving Courts, operates under a team approach where a Judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, community supervision officer, law enforcement, and treatment provider work together to design an individualized program to best serve offender risk/needs. Engagement with appropriate treatment resources and court orders are verified by frequent alcohol and drug testing, close community supervision, and interaction with a Judge during non-adversarial court review hearings. Problem-Solving Courts enhance close supervision of participants by engaging with participants in their day to day environments including their home, employment, treatment, and community activities.


Local Contact: Abbie Dishong, 5th Judicial District Problem-Solving Court Coordinator
Phone:        402-363-9178  
Email:         abbie.dishong@nebraska.gov 

State Contact: Adam Jorgensen, Statewide Problem-Solving Court Coordinator, Nebraska Supreme Court
Phone:        402-471-4415 or 402-219-4297   
Email:         adam.jorgensen@nebraska.gov