Advisory Council on Public Guardianship

Advisory Council on Public Guardianship

Origin/Authorization: Neb. Rev. Stat 30-4106. The Advisory Council on Public Guardianship is created. The council shall be appointed by the State Court Administrator, be comprised of individuals from a variety of disciplines who are knowledgeable in guardianship and conservatorship, and be representative of the geographical and cultural diversity of the state and reflect gender fairness. The council shall consist of the following members: A representative of the Nebraska County Court Judges Association, attorneys licensed to practice law in this state, social workers, mental health professionals, professionals with expertise in the aging population, developmental disability professionals, and other interested groups or individuals.

Terms: Neb. Rev. Stat. 30-4107. The State Court Administrator shall appoint initial members of the council for staggered terms of one, two, or three years as designated by the State Court Administrator. All subsequent appointments shall be made for terms of three years. Any vacancy on the council shall be filled in the same manner in which the original appointment was made and for the duration of the term vacated. Appointments of initial members of the council shall be made within ninety days after January 1, 2015. The council shall select a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and such other officers as it deems necessary.

Name, CityCompositionAppointment DateTerm Expires
Hon. Todd M. Hutton, Omaha
Reappointed 10-21-20, 11-22-22
NE County Court Judges Association10-19-1612-31-25

Beth Baxter, Kearney

Reappointed 10-21-20

Regional Administrator, Region 3 Behavioral Health Services10-18-1712-31-23
Dr. Julie Masters, Lincoln
Reappointed 10-24-18; 10-27-21
Expertise in Aging Population01-01-1612-31-24

Dianne D. DeLair, Lincoln

Reappointed 10-21-20, 11-22-22

Developmental Disability Professional11-23-1712-31-25
Darla Schiefelbein, Columbus
Reappointed 01-01-16; 10-24-18; 10-27-21
Interested Groups or Individuals01-01-1512-31-24
VacantInterested Groups or Individuals  
Lisa Line, Omaha
Reappointed 01-01-16; 10-24-18; 10-27-21
Appointed Chair 04-03-19
Julianne McHale-Spatz, LincolnAttorney10-27-2112-31-24
Laura Betzold, OmahaAttorney03-09-2212-31-24
Gina Mack, OmahaSocial Worker3-23-2212-31-25