Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Problem-Solving Courts

Nebraska Supreme Court Committee on Problem-Solving Courts

Origin/Authorization: Consultation Minutes of December 20, 2000

Name of committee amended as of February 27, 2008

Terms: Defined terms, except for ex officio members and representation of the Supreme Court liaison, Court Administrator, and Probation Administrator, whose terms shall be served at the pleasure of the Court.

Terms of committee amended as of March 27, 2024

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the committee will be to evaluate the feasibility of implementing "drug courts" or other similar "community courts" in Nebraska. The committee will advise the Supreme Court as to whether such courts would have a positive effect on the administration of justice in the State and, if so, to provide the Court with recommendations as to the structure and integration of such courts into our judicial system.


NameRepresentationAppointment DateTerm Expires
Hon. Michael G. Heavican, Chief JusticeEx Officio, Nebraska Supreme Court2/13/08

Hon. Jeffrey Funke

Appointed Chair 3-27-24

Ex Officio, Nebraska Supreme Court Liason10/24/18


Hon. Ryan C. CarsonDistrict Court, 9th Judicial District3/27/2412/31/27
Hon. Geoffrey HallDistrict Court, 6th Judicial District11/21/1812/31/26
Hon. Leo P. DobrovolnyDistrict Court, 12th Judicial District10/26/1112/31/26
Hon. Stefanie A. MartinezDistrict Court, 2nd Judicial District3/27/2412/31/27
Hon. Roger HeidemanSeparate Juvenile Court, Lancaster County11/21/1812/31/27
Hon. Marcela KeimCounty Court, 4th Judicial District3/27/2412/31/27
Hon. Tami SchendtCounty Court, 8th Judicial District3/27/2412/31/27
Patrick CondonCounty Attorneys Association, Lancaster County Attorney10/10/1812/31/27
Gary OlsonYork County Attorney3/27/2412/31/26
Christopher J. LathropSarpy County Public Defender3/27/2412/31/27
Hon. Timothy BurnsAt-Large Member, District Court, 4th Judicial District10/21/2012/31/26
Hon. Michael E. PiccoloAt-Large Member, District Court, 12th Judicial District10/26/1112/31/27
Teresa NoahProblem-Solving Court Coordinator, Douglas County3/27/2412/31/27
Anne PowerProblem-Solving Court Coordinator, Dawson County3/27/2412/31/26
Kelli WoodEx Officio, Judicial Branch Education10/21/20


Richard Wiener, Ph.D.At-Large Member, University of Nebraska, Legal Decision Making Research Lab11/21/1812/31/27
Sgt. Harley AmyAt-Large Member, Buffalo County Sheriff's Department11/21/1812/31/26
Reginald YoungAt-Large Member, Attorney, Omaha3/28/1212/31/26
Paul GreenwellAt-Large Member, Vice President of Adult Behavioral Health4/17/2412/31/27
John DayAt-Large Member11/21/18 
Patty LyonsChief Probation Officer, 6th Judicial District5/6/2012/31/26
Damon StrongChief Probation Officer, 4th Judicial District10/21/2012/31/27
Adam JorgensenEx Officio, State-wide Problem Solving Court Director12/1/16


Corey R. SteelCourt Administrator, Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation6/11/14


Deborah MinardiProbation Administrator, Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation2/13/08


Robert DentonEx Officio, Deputy Probation Administrator for Community Corrections Programs and Field Services10/7/20


Dr. Connie PetersenTreatment Provider Representative, Norfolk5/8/2412/31/28