Supreme Court Commission on Children in the Courts

Supreme Court Commission on Children in the Courts

Origin/Authorization:  Consultation Minutes of December 22, 2004

Terms: Initial appointments to be at the pleasure of the Court. Members appointed after February 21, 2008, shall be appointed to 3-year terms.

Purpose Statement: The commission will study and recommend appropriate steps for the judicial system to undertake to ensure that the courts are as responsive as possible for children who interact with or are directly affected by the courts.


Name, CityCompositionAppointment DateTerm Expires

Hon. Francie Riedmann, Gretna

Reappointed 10-7-20, reappointed 11-8-23

Co-Chairperson, Appellate Judge10-18-1712-31-26
Hon. Roger Heideman, LincolnCo-Chairperson, Separate Juvenile Judge, Lancaster County11-19-1912-31-25
Hon. Michael G. Heavican, Lincoln (ex-officio)Chief Justice, Nebraska Supreme Court11-15-06Permanent

Hon. Stefanie Martinez

Reappointed 11-18-17, 10-7-20, 11-8-23

District Judge, 2nd Judicial District11-12-1512-31-26
Hon. Molly Keane, OmahaDistrict Judge, 4th Judicial District1-8-2312-31-26
Hon. Andrea Miller, GeringDistrict Judge, 12th Judicial District11-8-2312-31-26

Hon. Michael Piccolo, North Platte

Reappointed 11-12-15, 10-24-18, 10-20-21

District Judge, 11th Judicial District10-16-1312-31-24
Hon. Linda Bauer, FairburyCounty Judge, 1st Judicial District10-20-2112-31-24

Hon. Thomas Harmon, Omaha

Reappointed 9-29-10, 10-16-13, 10-19-16, 11-19-19

County Judge, 4th Judicial District2-21-0812-31-25
Hon. Ross Stoffer, MadisonCounty Judge, 7th Judicial District11-19-1912-31-25

Hon. Anne Paine, McCook

Reappointed 10-17-12, 11-12-15, 10-24-18, 10-20-21

County Judge, 11th Judicial District3-18-0912-31-24

Hon. Randin Roland, Sidney

Reappointed 9-29-10, 10-16-13, 10-19-16, 11-19-19

County Judge, 12th Judicial District2-21-0812-31-25
Hon. Mary Stevens, OmahaSeparate Juvenile Judge, Douglas County10-20-2112-31-24

Hon. Matthew Kahler

Reappointed 10-20-21

Separate Juvenile Judge, Douglas County10-7-2012-31-24

Separate Juvenile Judge

Lead Judge for the Through the Eyes of the Child teams


Hon. Patrick Runge, Winnebago

Reappointed 3-18-09, 10-17-12, 11-12-15, 10-24-18, 10-20-21

District Judge, Winnebago Tribal Court12-29-0412-31-24
Sen. George Dungan, LincolnState Senator, District 2611-8-2312-31-26
Sen. Carolyn Bosn, LincolnState Senator, District 254-17-2412-31-25
Jennifer Carter, LincolnChild Welfare Inspector General10-7-20Permanent
Mary Jo Pankoke, LincolnCo-Director, Governor's Task Force & Commission on the Protection of Children12-29-04Permanent
Dr. Alyssa BishHealth and Human Services Representative5-15-24Permanent
Corrie KieltyDirector, Nebraska CASA3-13-13Permanent
Monika Gross, LincolnExecutive Director, Foster Care Review Office5-06-20Permanent

Misty (Frazier) Flowers, Bloomfield

Reappointed 10-20-21

Executive Director, ICWA Coalition10-24-1812-31-24

Ivy Svoboda, Omaha

Reappointed 10-20-21

Executive Director, Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers10-24-1812-31-24
Sarah Helvey, LincolnProgram Director, Nebraska Appleseed Center for the Law3-18-09Permanent
Dr. Brian MaherDepartment of Education REpresentative11-8-23Permanent
Juliet SummersExecutive Director, Voices for Children in Nebraska1-1-23Permanent
Hazell RodriguezLegal Aid of Nebraska1-1-23Permanent
Liz Neeley, LincolnExecutive Director, Nebraska State Bar Association10-19-14Permanent

Elizabeth A. F. Waterman, Lexington

Reappointed 3-18-09, 10-17-12, 11-12-15, 10-24-18, 10-20-21

County Attorney, Dawson County1-05-0512-31-24
Chris Reid, LincolnDeputy County Attorney, Lancaster County5-31-2312-31-24

Mandi Amy, Kearney

Reappointed 10-7-20, 11-8-23

Deputy County Attorney10-18-1712-31-26
CJ Roberts, LincolnAttorney, Health and Human Services1-1-2312-31-24
Kathy Olson, LincolnAttorney, UNL Center on Children, Families, and the Law10-12-11Permanent

Tana Fye, Holdrege

Reappointed 10-7-20, 11-8-23

Attorney, Guardian ad Litem10-18-1712-31-26

Christine Costantakos, Omaha

Reappointed 9-29-10, 10-16-13, 10-31-16, 11-19-19

Audrey Long, SidneyAttorney11-8-2312-31-26
Lisa Gonzalez, OmahaAttorney11-8-2312-31-26
Claire Bazata, CozadAttorney11-8-2312-31-26
Michaela Skogerboe, OmahaAttorney10-20-2112-31-24

Dr. Kirk Newring, Papillion

Reappointed 10-7-20, 11-8-23

Maralee BradleyFoster and Adoptive Parent Representative1-1-2312-31-26
Jamie LegatesFoster and Adoptive Parent Representative1-1-2312-31-26
Stephanie BranhamParent Representative1-1-2312-31-26
Andrea EvansParent Representative1-1-2312-31-26
Jordan BocockYouth Representative11-8-2312-31-26
Lina RenteriaYouth Representative5-15-245-15-27
Jacob MckirdyYouth Representative5-15-245-15-27
Destiny EllisYouth Representative5-15-245-15-27
Corey Steel, Lincoln (ex-officio)State Court Administrator, Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation5-21-15Permanent
Deborah Minardi, LincolnProbation Administrator, Administrative Office of the Courts and Probation5-15-19Permanent
Kari Brumbaugh, LincolnDeputy Probation Administrator for Juvenile Services11-8-2312-31-26
Darla JohnsonMCLE Director11-8-2312-31-26

Note: members without a term expiration are permanent.