Judicial Ethics Committee

Judicial Ethics Committee

Origin/Authorization: Neb. Code of Judicial Conduct, Appendix A (on page 24)

MemberRepresentationApp. DateTerm Expires
Judge Michael Pirtle
Reappointed 10-7-20
Court of Appeals10-19-1612-31-27

Judge Julie Smith

Appoint Vice Chair 4-10-24

District Court, 1st Judicial District11-17-2112-31-25
Judge Matt Acton
Appointed Vice Chair 1-1-23
County Court, 3rd Judicial District11-19-1912-31-24
Judge Andrew LangeCounty Court, 5th Judicial District1-1-2312-31-29
Judge Bryan C. MeismerDistrict Court, 6th Judicial District11-8-2312-31-30
Judge Travis P. O'GormanDistrict Court, 12th Judicial District11-17-2112-31-28
Judge Chad BrownSep. Juvenile Court, Douglas County2-22-2312-31-26

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